I was inspired by a love story called “the scorpion and the buttterlfy “ by richard boase who was also the VJ for this production. It is a tale of a passionate yet distructive attraction. The scorpion falls in love with the butterfly and conspires with his friend the spider to build a web to capture her. They agree that the first victim to fall in to the web is for the spider to kill. This is the price the scorpion will pay in order to have the web. As fate would have it the beautiful butterfly is the first to get tangled in the net. The scorpoion is not willing to pay the price and instead he kills his friend the spider. The scorpion is loving and kind, and the once fearful butterfly comes to love him. Their love affair is however short lived, for death is in the scorpoions nature. In spite of the scorpion’s ove for the butterfly, he kills her with his passionate embrace.

The play of darkness and shadow, and the tatoo-like patterns serve both to cloak the bodies and to help tell the tale.